Do Something!!!

By now most people have given up on their New Years Resolutions and we sink back into the doldrums of everyday life.

Most of have given up because we out together these elaborate plans to loose 20lbs, start a business, get out of debt, etc.  Or we never knew how to get started.

So how do we get back on track or get started.  My advice to you.

  Do something…

That’s right.  Do something.  No elaborate advice.

Years ago when I first decided I wanted to be a Real Estate investor I was at home during a summer break. I had no money and didn’t know how to get started.  I called my Mentor, my cousin, and ask what I should do to get  started.  At this point I’m sure he was tired of me asking that because I’m sure it was the 100th time.  And he said to me, “just do something.”. I was offended at first thinking my mentor has shunned me, but I realized what he was doing.

I was spending too much time thinking and not doing.  I still suffer from this today but not as much.  So instead of thinking about everything that has to be done to get a deal done, I just did something. 

Again didn’t have any money.  Like I couldn’t even buy gas.  But I couldn’t use it as an excuse because my mandate was to do something.  So I knew to find properties I needed to market.  I didn’t have money for stamps so I couldn’t do a mail campaign. 

Then it hit me.  I can cut out the mailman all together. I could just put the letters on doors myself.  This was especially idea since I didn’t have gas, I would just walk to every house in my neighborhood and advertise. 


I had two calls before I made it home that day!

One person called me about a house his brother was selling.  The house had great rental potential.  Alas,  I didn’t buy the house.  We couldn’t come to terms on the price.  My cousin/mentor was actually going to put up the money for the purchase.  But I was sooo close to my first deal just from walking around a neighborhood.

My out of pocket cost = $0

I just used paper and printer that we had at the house.  And with 100 flyers I canvases a neighborhood and almost bought a property.

Although it wasn’t a success it taught me a very important lesson.  You just have to start.  A quote from one of my favorite books The Alchemist by Pablo Coelho says it best.  “When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

I firmly believe that.  Once you get to moving things will start to fall into place. 


That doesn’t mean you won’t have set backs, but you will be a lot farther along than just sitting on the bench.

So bottom line…