Push Through

I ran a a marathon back in 2012.

I trained hard for that Marathon.  Sometimes running up to 50 miles a week.

It hurt.  I lost fun times with friends because I couldn’t drink or eat bad. 

But at the end I had a sense of accomplishment that I couldn’t believe.  At the end I couldn’t even remember how bad it was.   I just remember feeling like I did something so great. 

I have reached another point like that in my life.  I have been fighting hard for my happiness.  It feels like that Marathon.  At times I feel like giving up.  At times when I first start my daily Journey I want to stop.  Some days I can’t even finish.  But I know I will cross that finish like again.

My advice to you is the same. You will have a hard road  ahead, but you can cross that finish line no matter how long it takes.

-Enjoy the Journey