Stop Budgeting!

People get stressed out about budgeting.

Here is a simple way not to have to budget.

1. Save 10% of your GROSS Income.
2. Pay your bills.
3. Play with what is left over.

My system is way more complex, but if you want an easy way not to get stressed and not use a bunch of spreadsheets this works.


You make $4000 a month. You take home $3000.

Save –  $400
Monthly Expenses – $2000

You have $600 to play with.

See easy.  Now you know how much you have to play with.  If you blow it all in the first week, you are done until next month.  If you only use $200.  Guess what?  Next month you have an extra $400 to blow.  (I would save it, but this is all about simplifying).

“Enjoy the Journey!”