Who is The Bougie Hobo?

The Bougie Hobo…  It sounds unique, right?  Or maybe it sounds completely absurd.  To me, it’s my God-given purpose.

I am a businessman whose particular business is real estate development.   When you think of real estate, you usually think of one of the popular shows in HGTV, buying and flipping a house, or of a realtor selling a couple their first home.  I have experience in all of those facets of the real estate industry.  However, my passion is for real estate development, a niche of the industry that is less understood because the very term [real estate development] is relatively ambiguous .  My goal in life is to be a successful international real estate developer.  My mission, however, is to bethe world’s largest land owner and real estate developer.  I know.  How is that possible? How will that even work?

One of my other passions, in addition to real estate, is traveling.  That’s where the bougie part comes into play.  I love visiting new places, experiencing other cultures (Preferably the best… Hence, bougie), exploring the world, and meeting new, interesting people from all walks of life.  What does this have to do with real estate?  Well, in order to be the world’s largest land owner and real estate developer, it would help to not only travel, but to be established in a place or three.  I plan to have fun in my travels, but I will also work hard as I migrate the world to accomplish my goals.  Hence, the term hobo.

Starting to make sense now?  Great.

My other passion in life is fitness.  Throughout my life, I have struggled with my weight:  Gaining, losing, and falling off the wagon only to gain some back.  One of my other goals is to not only get fit, but stay fit.

So, why the blog?  You get to share in this experience with me!  Not only will this blog be a running diary of my journey, but I also will keep a running map of what I own as I acquire different properties from around the world.  Additionally, I will keep you updated on the progress of my fitness journey, sharing tips and things I have learned along the way.  You’ll have the opportunity to laugh, mock, and even scoff at me.  You will also have the opportunity to learn, share, engage, be inspired, and even invest as I am on this journey!  The choice is yours.

In the meantime, I will be out fulfilling what I believe is my God-given purpose.